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Driving Unconventional Growth through the Industrial Internet of Things

In the future, successful companies will use the Industrial Internet of Things to capture new growth through three approaches: boost revenues by increasing production and creating new hybrid business models, exploit intelligent technologies to fuel innovation, and transform their workforce.

What you need to know about IoT platforms: How platforms stack up in IoT

We’re operating in a time when virtually anything can be connected to the internet. From smart city infrastructure and autonomous driving to near real-time management of assets in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and more, the possibilities are endless. That’s why you need to build your success on the right IoT platform, so that you...

Tackling Cyber Security and Privacy aspects of IoT To prevent unauthorised attacks

In this article, Elena Sitnikova, Critical Infrastructure Protection Research Leader at the Australian Centre for Cyber Security, discusses the risks automation poses to SCADA legacy systems, and delves into potential tools and solutions to protect networks from unauthorised access and attacks. 

Australia dials into IoT amid connectivity challenges

The internet of things may have benefited industries such as oil and gas, but issues such as connectivity are holding back adoption in Australia

The three steps to industrial IoT success

The best industrial IoT solutions will be built with three distinct building blocks – starting with sensors, then edge gateways, and finally the cloud – according to a leading digital business consultant

7 great uses of IoT in the Enterprise

This article explore seven examples of companies around the globe who are already using IIOT, providing a benchmark of the strategies and tools Australian organisations can consider when embarking on IIOT implementation.

WA Water Corporation: Applying IoT in the utilities industry

As IoT continues to evolve and gain traction, utilities have an opportunity to drive a real shift in how they engage with customers to enable smarter communities and better manage energy and water.Ahead of the inaugural ​Industrial IoT Summit 2017, we recently caught up with Jim Baker, SCADA Acquisition Manager at WA Water Corporation to find...